TELEFUNKEN Expands to Scandinavia and Finland

TELEFUNKEN, the German traditional brand in the field of consumer electronics, is expanding its presence in Scandinavia. Starting in August 2011 TELEFUNKENS Partner TF Nordic AB offers with a first range of innovative high-class products.

The market entry starts with a TELEFUNKEN television system with integrated HD and the PerfektAudio series, which has obtained a „very good“ rating by different hi-fi magazines in Germany. It contains of two component systems and a smaller compact system for the audiophile northern customers. Until the end of this year TF Nordic AB plans to launch external storage media, small electrical appliances as well as a series of white goods.

TF Nordic AB is the first organization within the TELEFUNKEN family to launch a collection of 3D glasses for the consumer electronics market. These 3D glasses have been produced together with eyewear manufacturer Polaroid and the products are expected to be available in stores by the end of this summer.

TF Nordic AB, is a member of the TELEFUNKEN Partner Alliance since 2010. The award-winning entrepreneur Jörgen Schulze, who is also the principal owner, founded the company. All members of his team are specialists in their fields of brown goods and white goods. Sergio Klaus-Peter Voigt, CEO of TELEFUNKEN Holding AG welcomes the cooperation with the new partner: “It is of utmost importance for us to develop the brand with approved specialists. Jörgen Schultze and his team from TF Nordic AB have the best preconditions to carry the brand heritage of TELEFUNKEN into the northern markets.”

„We are excited about this opportunity, to bring a brand as traditional as TELEFUNKEN to market,“ says Jörgen Schulze and Andrej Setina, CEO of TF Nordic AB adds: „TELEFUNKEN stands for quality, innovation and design. It is a huge potential that this brand can now develop in the northern markets.“


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