Bypass Diodes for Solar Cell Modules

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan) has developed 3 new bypass diode models that suppress output lowering of solar cell modules, as of December 2009, and has begun the mass production of some products.

For thin film panels, we have developed are the "S3V100D",an axial type general rectifying diode securing high voltage, which began mass production in December. For crystal panels, we have developed the "DF30JC4", a surface mounting type Schottky barrier diode in mass production, and "D15AC4S"and"D15AC4SJ",of the axial type heavily needed by the market. Features (all products are Pb-free)

General rectifying diode ideal for thin film solar cell modules.

In recent years, environmental attention is gathering to solar generation, a form of clean energy. Solar generation's efficiency is severely affected by, for example, falling leaves sticking themselves onto the solar cell module, or shadows of buildings, which can cause the module's interior resistance to rise and output to drop. To address this was introduced the method of connecting in parallel diodes which would provide bypass to modules' interior circuits. Recently, however, demands have intensified further for the improvement of these diodes and their efficiency, for 1000 V-class high voltage general rectifying diodes fitting module specifications, for Schottky barrier diodes of high efficiency and high reliability such as to withstand high temperatures and high humidity. In response to these demands, we have focused the "in-car know-how" we have established over many years on developing diodes that boast high efficiency and high reliability and fit the type of solar cell module.  For thin film modules, with high output voltage, we have developed the VR M1000V guaranteed axial type general rectifying diode"S3V100D". For crystal modules, for which high output current and lower interior resistance are desired, we have developed two types of Schottky barrier diodes: the "D15AC4S" low VF type realizing high efficiency and the "D15AC4SJ" type boasting high reliability with low VF and IR. The Schottky barrier diodes now in development, following the low VF low IR"DF30JC4" already in mass production, are installed in axial packages of the high capacitance type as intensely needed by the market. They make compliance with the international standard for solar generation IEC 61215 easy with their guarantee up to Tj=175? and otherwise fulfill diversifying needs (see below regarding guarantee conditions).


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