IFA 2011: SOUND.MOBILE by TELEFUNKEN is Already a Major Export

At this year's IFA TELEFUNKEN presented to visitors from national and international visitors two new segments that have a crucial influence on the future product strategy of the brand. In the area of energy management and home control the joint venture TELEFUNKEN Smart Building GmbH (i. Gr.) was announced. The second segment concerns the solar-powered consumer electronics products that can be loaded and operated with integrated solar cells. Due to popular demand, the new devices are offered even faster than expected in international markets. A further expansion of distribution channels is taking place in Russia, South America and Australia.

The highlight of the show was SOUND.MOBILE. The solar-speaker has an excellent sound and is perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. MP3 players, game consoles, computers and mobile phones are easily connected via Bluetooth. The eye-catcher convinced experts and business partners alike. An enlargement of the product line is already being planned. After initial discussions SOUND.MOBILE will be available later this year in Scandinavia, Central Europe and China.

Energy efficiency can be achieved for all existing, non solar-powered devices. Joonior, a smart building system, consists of 12 components. It networks home appliances and wireless technology and is operated via smart phones tablet PCs or computers. The TELEFUNKEN Smart Building GmbH (i. Gr.) develops intelligent building technology together with the energy supplier E.on. A cooperation agreement was signed at the IFA.


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