Row-Based AC Unit for Rack Installations From Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, has introduced a new energy-saving, row-based air conditioning unit. The SRCOOL33K has a 42U rack form factor and delivers up to 33,000 BTU of efficient cooling for high-density rack installations in data centers, server rooms and network closets. The AC unit has several advanced features that allow it to cool more effectively than other units on the market.

Key Features and Benefits:

•     Improves efficiency and lowers operating costs
•     DC (direct current)-inverter-driven compressor and microprocessor-controlled electronic expansion valve allow continuous operation at precise cooling levels
•     Prevents line noise, voltage disruptions and potential circuit overloads by limiting inrush current
•     Close-coupled cooling maximizes hot-aisle/cold-aisle efficiency and cooling predictability
•     Built-in local and optional remote monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, fan speed, alarms and logs
•     Self-contained, zero-maintenance design unit re-humidifies condensate and expels it through the exhaust air stream —no floor drain necessary, water collection tank to empty or plumbing required
•     Includes a standard L6-30P input plug for easy installation—no electrician needed


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