Signum Systems Announces Support for Piccolo™ MCUs

JTAGjet-C2000, the low-cost In-Circuit Debugger for the C2000 devices has been expanded to handle the new TMS320F2803x/2c Piccolo™ family of MCUs. It is fully compatible with the latest version of TI’s Code Composer Studio, which offers a C compiler, assembler, linker, flash programmer and a debugger, all under one, easy to use IDE.

Production flash programming may be accomplished with the optional Flasher-C2000 utility that offers one button, batch mode programming of one or more boards at the same time.

For debugging targets for high-current or high-voltage applications JTAGjet-C2000 may be ordered with a fully galvanically isolated JTAG probe to prevent equipment damage during debugging or production testing. The TMS320F2803x/2x Piccolo™ MCUs provide real-time control for greater energy efficiency to cost sensitive applications. The new F2803x/2x devices feature architectural advancements and enhanced peripherals in packages from 38-pins to bring the benefits of 32-bit real-time control to low-cost applications like solar inverters, white goods appliances, hybrid automotive batteries and LED lighting.

The JTAGjet-C2000 supports all devices in the C2000 family of MCUs. The emulator is entirely powered from the USB 2.0 port running at 480 Mbps and has auto-sensing voltage support.

The JTAGjet-C2000 emulator is available from stock and priced at $595. It is also available bundled with the Code Composer Studio C2000 version 3.3, offering a complete C2000 software development system for only $995.


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