CodeSourcery GNU Compilers and Eclipse IDE Now Compatible with Signum’s JTAGjet™ Emulators

Embedded Systems Conference – Signum Systems Corporation announced today a new compiler and debugging environment for users of their JTAGjet emulators. Driven by the increased popularity of the ARM processors and a need for lower-cost, professional grade tools, Signum’s JTAGjet emulators are now compatible with CodeSourcery’s Sourcery G++™, a high value professional software development tool suite for embedded C and C++ developers. JTAGjet together with Sourcery G++ provides a complete and versatile set of software and hardware tools for any ARM™ based embedded development project.

Current CodeSourcery users will gain the added advantages of emulation support for high-end processors like ARM11™, MPCore™, Cortex™-A8 and Cortex™-A9 including Freescale’s i.MX and Texas Instruments Sitara™, DaVinci™, OMAP™ 3 and OMAP-DM processor families. JTAGjet emulators also provide extremely fast, on-chip and off-chip Flash programming, ETM and ETB application tracing and an excellent Chameleon Debugger™ for "bare-metal" systems as well as embedded Linux projects.

Signum’s JTAGjet emulators used with Sourcery G++ will benefit from Eclipse based IDE, project management, better optimized GNU C and C++ compilers, powerful inline assembly, an extensive list of predefined processors, and improved reliability. The Eclipse IDE provides a fully visual environment for developing applications, including an automated project builder, syntax-highlighting editor, and a graphical debugging interface. An instruction set simulator is also included.

Signum Systems and CodeSourcery are committed to the highest standards of customer service. JTAGjet and Sourcery G++ Professional and Standard Editions include direct access to their expert developers eliminating any tool related frustrations and improving the time to market.


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