Vishay Intertechnology Launches New Non-Zero Crossing Phototriac Optocouplers in Compact, Environmentally Green SOP-4 Package

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) is broadening its optoelectronics portfolio with the release of new non-zero crossing phototriac optocouplers in the industry-standard miniflat SOP-4 package, saving up to 66 % in PCB space compared to devices in the DIP-6 package.

The new VOM160 and VOM305x series offer three choices of input trigger LED current: 5 mA (VOM160NT / VOM3053T), 7 mA (VOM160PT), and 10 mA (VOM160RT / VOM3052T). With a package height of only 2.0 mm, they feature a blocking voltage of 600 V AC for high-voltage applications.

In consumer applications, the VOM160 and VOM305x series will be used for turning on and off motors and solenoid control in refrigerators, washers, lamps and coffee makers. The new devices will also be used to drive TRIACs for solid-state relays and static AC power switches in industrial applications.

The VOM3052T and VOM3053T, with their high static dV/dt of 1500 V/┬Ás, are particularly well suited for noisy environments where a lower dV/dt can cause a thyristor to be triggered as a result of a high slew rate transient on the output load, even without any triggering signal on the input.


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