Variety of Mini HDMI Connectors Expanded All-SMT Type "DC2 Series" Has Been Developed

Recently, in addition to slim TVs, the number of hand-held devices capable of handling high-resolution images and digital high-definition video is also rapidly increasing.

With this trend, Type C HDMI connectors standardized as the common digital interface are used in digital still cameras, digital video cameras, as well as a variety of other devices, and our DC2 Series of Type C HDMI connectors has become widely adopted.

And now as various hand-held devices strive for further size reduction and the incorporation of ever more functions, there is a growing demand for space-saving components.

To meet this need, JAE has developed an all-SMT type DC2 Series connector to add to the existing line-up of DIP types, which use through-hole tabs to secure the shell.

The all-SMT type DC2 Series connector is space saving and does not require any holes on the board, which will contribute to more design freedom for customers.
  • Parts can be mounted on the bottom of the PCB, with no DIP tabs, for greater space savings.
  • EMI spring on the top of the shell allows for good soldering pattern on the bottom of the shell.
  • No notch on the side of shell, decreases the risk of contact failure caused by flux splash.
  • 0.4mm pitch, 19 position, compact connector.
  • Impedance-matching design for excellent high-speed transmission.
  • Pin assignment designed for low cross-talk.


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