TT electronics Develops Advanced Modules for in-Wheel Electric Drive

TT electronics Components Division today announces that it has secured a contract to develop custom micro inverter/power electronic modules for the hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) market. The contract with UK based Protean Electric will see TT electronics AB Mikroelektronik design and manufacture these complex modules at its advanced factory in Salzburg, Austria.

"The HEV industry is growing at a rapid pace and is set to become a multi-billion dollar market," commented Robert Rehrl, Sales Director at TT electronics AB Mikroelektronik. "The development of the custom modules for Protean is just one example of how our investment in R&D for this burgeoning market has added value to our customer's design."

Deciding on the best fit for the customer was the key to securing the contract according to Dr Steve Jones Technical Director at TT electronics Semelab. "The initial enquiry was received through TT electronics Semelab in the UK. However, across the Components Division, we have a number of capabilities that enable us to bring value and expertise to this market. Semelab and AB Mikroelektronic worked jointly with the customer, presenting a comprehensive portfolio of potential solutions, to determine the best approach for the customer's needs and, in coordination with the customer, decided that AB Mikroelektronik had the most appropriate fit."

The new micro inverter/power electronic module is a rugged high reliability device designed to withstand water and dirt ingress and be resistant to shock and vibration. Each of Protean's in-wheel motors contains multiple drive modules enabling vehicle performance that matches the performance of traditional 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles. "The knowledge, expertise, manufacturing and design support available to us through TT electronics AB Mikroelektronik and TT electronics Semelab will help us to bring to market an advanced in-wheel motor that is already finding traction with major vehicle manufacturers for both hybrid and full electric vehicles," said Dr. Gerry Boast, V-P Engineering at Protean Electric.

The award from Protean adds to a string of recent wins that TT electronics Components Division has secured in the alternative energy and the HEV industries. "In recent months, we have won several major projects in North America and Europe in the areas of solar energy, fuel cells, and HEV with several more projects currently underway. These wins were made possible through unique capability and know-how. We expect to continue investing in this important area to expand on our success", said Billal Hammoud, Divisional Chief Executive for the Components Division.


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