Total Units Shipped Passes 30 Million Mark! Announcing a New Product with Enhanced Sensing Performance for the Gyro Sensors Mounted in Radio-Controlled Helicopters ENC-03RC-10-R

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a piezoelectric vibrating gyroscope (improved version of the ENC series) with enhanced temperature drift* performance for improved angular velocity-sensing capability. Murata's piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes (ENC series) are used in indoor radio-controlled helicopters, and help to realize more stable flight.

The ENC series of piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes produced and sold by Murata Manufacturing are mainly used for image stabilization in digital still cameras and digital video cameras. On the other hand, demand for gyro sensors for indoor radio-controlled helicopters has expanded since 2009, and Murata's piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes have also come to be used in these devices. The share for indoor radio-controlled helicopters currently accounts for approximately 90%, and the total shipped has passed the 30 million mark. Murata's piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes are highly rated in Japan, Europe, America, and China, and Murata has developed a piezoelectric vibrating gyroscope with the enhanced aircraft instability-sensing performance demanded by this indoor radio-controlled helicopter application to help realize more stable flight.


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