Through Silicon Via (TSV) Multi Part Wafer (MPW) by IPDiA

IPDiA, a leading supplier of silicon passive components and 3D silicon packaging is offering what is probably the first call to participate to a Through Silicon Via (TSV) Multi Part Wafer (MPW) or so-called “pizza mask”.

Through Silicon Via technology is known to offer numerous advantages:

• Application and electrical performance benefits with shortest connections between dies for sensitive signals;

• Double side assembly solution resulting in package design simplification and better power supply redistribution;

• High density packing and financial benefit with a high degree of miniaturization and therefore lower costs.

Thanks to this MPW opportunity, companies which would like to make an evaluation design with Through Vias in Silicon could take advantage of this open proposal and have the product available within a very short leadtime for applications such as:

• Interposer with System in Package (SiP);

• Wafer Level Package (WLP);

• Interposer for Submount;

• Die stacking for volume constrained applications;

• HB LED packaging platform.


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