Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TEK360M Power Supply Designed for Direct Patient Contact Applications (BF Rated)

LHV’s new TEK360M series low voltage power supplies offer 300W under convection and 360W with 23.3CFM. This power supply has full range 90~264Vac input and outputs ranging from 12V-36V and is designed for higher temperature applications up to 70°C*. The TEK360M provides excellent efficiency, up to 91% and is UL60601-1 BF rated and meets EMI Class B.

  •     300W convection cooled and 360W forced air cooling
  •     Single output medical low voltage power supplies
  •     Active PFC meets Class D
  •     Conducted EMI meets CISPR/FCC Class B
  •     High Efficiency up to 91%
  •     Adjustable output range
  •     Design to meet medical standard IEC 60601-1,
  •     EN 60601-1, UL 60601-1 type BF rated
  •     Two units parallel possible with worst case leakage current less than 300μA (see full spec section 9)
  •     Optional Cover available.

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