Sysmac Automation Platform Expands Scalability with 4 & 8 Axis NJ Series CPUs

Following the Sysmac platform launch in July 2011, Omron Industrial Automation further expands the Sysmac line up of machine automation controllers with the release of the new NJ3 series CPUs. The new series consists of two CPUs, 4 and 8 axes, hence offering full compatibility and scalability from 4 to 64 axes.

The NJ3 series is fully compatible with NJ5 series machine automation controllers, using the same programming and configuration tool - Sysmac Studio - and the same built-in networks - EtherCAT for machine control and EtherNet/IP for factory automation. Like the NJ5 series, the NJ3 series uses the latest embedded processors from Intel Corporation taking full advantage of the architecture of the Sysmac automation platform.

This expansion of the Sysmac family is part of Omron's commitment to meeting advanced machine automation needs since it offers a consistent solution from a low number of axes right up to the largest machines. It also smartly addresses modular machine construction.


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