SOLOARLOK Breeze Junction Box Introduces Innovative Design for Junction Boxes

TE Connectivity introduces the new SOLARLOK Breeze 4-rail junction box that features diodes overmolded on the exterior of the box. This innovative and compact design offers space savings and enables as much heat as possible to be conducted away from the solar panel, increasing cell efficiency and system performance. Other key benefits include a horizontal outlet design that reduces the cable length by 10% without affecting performance and aids easy installation. The connection has been developed to withstand up to 250N of cable pull force, dramatically reducing the risk of disconnection through accidental pulls. SOLARLOK Breeze is the next evolution of junction boxes – paving the way for making the sun a friendly source of energy for all.

Together with our new low-resistance SOLARLOK PV4 Connector and our Solar Cables, TE Connectivity provides an integrated system that optimizes power generation and provides a safe and reliable connection from the panel to the grid.


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