SMD Power Inductors for High Temperatures up to 150 °C

TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of SMD power inductors with new CLF7045-D types that can withstand temperatures of up to 150 °C. The CLF7045-D power inductors are thus suitable for applications with extreme operating temperatures such as power supply circuits in the engine compartment of automobiles. The new types, which have dimensions of 6.9 x 7.2 x 4.5 mm3, offer rated inductance values ranging from 1 µH to 470 µH. Types are available for rated currents of 0.43 A to 8.9 A, based on a 10 percent drop in initial inductance, and their DC resistance ranges from 9.6 mΩ to 1.42 Ω. Mass production was launched in May 2012.

Power inductors are key components for the power supply circuits of the growing number of electronic control units (ECU) in today’s cars. With temperatures that can range from -40 °C to +150 °C the operating conditions in the engine compartment of cars are especially harsh. In order to maintain the high reliability and efficiency of the SMD power inductors over this entire temperature range, TDK used its leading materials technology to develop a new material with excellent heat resistance. As a result the CLF7045-D series is highly suitable for use as choke coils in the DC-DC converters of engine control modules and similar applications. Other application areas include ABS, airbag, and headlight systems.

In addition, an automated process was adopted for the coil windings and connecting lines of the CLF7045-D series, which results in a high-quality baseless, solderless design.


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