SKM30 series (30W Miniature Regulated DC-DC Converter)

MEAN WELL introduced new generation of 30W miniature single output regulated DC-DC converter with size of 2”x 1”x 0.44” ~ SKM30 series. Featuring with dual-in-line package, SKM30 series greatly reduce the size by 65.1% comparing to the current corresponding models of SDM30 (30W, 2”x 2”x 0.63”) and increase the working efficiency by 5~11%. Furthermore, compared to SDM30, the slim design makes it 30% lower in height, so that SKM30 can rank as the smallest DC-DC module type converters among the same wattage products in the market, which help system designers to solve the tough issue of space limitation.

With up-to date high frequency circuit design, SKM30 series possess up to 90% of high efficiency, therefore, they can be full load operated by free air convection cooling from -40℃ to +55℃ ambient temperature, and even up to +75℃ by derating the output load. Equipped with standard pin assignment, the new series feature with 2:1 wide input range, 1500VDC input / output isolation, short circuit / overload / input and output over voltage protections, low ripple noise, built-in remote ON/OFF control, and output trimming. In addition, the six-sided shield metal case can significantly enhance their EMC characteristics that make them comply with CE/FCC regulations without adding extra EMC suppression components. The fully encapsulated packaging can help SKM30 withstand the influence of dust and moisture in all kinds of harsh environment, which are very suitable for industrial control, telecom/datacom, and distributed power architecture related applications.


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