Sensor Actor Line – M8x1 Assembled Now with Screw Termination

The new version is suitable to terminate stranded or solid wires up to a cross section of 0,5 mm² by the new screw termination. This new termination allows also the connection of stranded wires incl. sleeve without reduction of the maximum allowed cross section.

A corresponding key for the hexagon socket screws are supplied along with each connector.

The versions of field-attachable connectors are available as plug- and socket with 3- or 4- poles. Additional to the straight version CONEC also offers a 90° angled version. The housings accept standard cables with 4 to 5,5mm diameter. The current carrying capacity of every contact is 4A with all contacts under load and 40°C ambient temperature condition.

The operating temperature range is from -30°C to 85°C. The coupling rings are hexagonal shaped (SW13) and if necessary, a corresponding torque wrench is available from CONEC. The connectors are IP67 protected when fully mated.


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