Release of EU2 Series Ultra-Low-Profile Surface Mounted Twin Relays for Automotive Electric Applications

NEC TOKIN Corporation (President: Masakazu Okabe, Head Office: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture) is pleased to announce that it has commenced mass production and shipment of the EU2 Series, a new range of the lowest profile surface mounted (SMD) twin relays for automotive electric applications.

The EU2 Series offers a similar level of electric performance as NEC TOKIN's best selling EX Series and can be used across a wide range of applications in much the same way, including power windows, power sliding door motor controls and other body control modules in general. The key difference is that the EX Series is surface mounted.

Although through-hole relays are currently the most common type for automotive electric applications, semiconductors and other electronic control board components are increasingly being surface mounted, prompting demand for surface mounted relays, originating out of Japan, to improve the productivity of electric modules and develop more compact, lightweight relays.

Manufacturing control boards that combine both through-hole and surface mounted components requires two separate soldering processes; reflow and flow soldering. As the EU2 Series enables relays to be soldered via a single process at the same time as other surface mounted components, it will help customers increase production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.

Power windows and power sliding doors require at least two relays to control the direction of their respective motors. As EU2 Series relays are twin-type components, they contain two relay units inside a single casing, meaning that they offer further advantages in terms of control board mountability.

Whereas many existing relays have a relatively high profile compared to other electronic components, the EU2 Series is not only surface mounted but it is also the lowest profile automotive electric relay in the industry (under 8mm), which will assist with the development of thinner, more lightweight modules.

With a defect rate of less than 1ppm (less than one defect per million items), NEC TOKIN's power relays offer outstanding levels of reliability. In addition to rigorous quality control procedures as part of the manufacturing process, EU2 Series products also feature a protective design to eliminate any impurities, thereby ensuring even higher levels of reliability.

Following the completion of facilities for the mass production of EU2 Series products at NEC TOKIN's Philippines plant (NEC TOKIN Electronics (Philippines) Inc.) in January, shipments to customers got underway in February. The company has plans to progressively increase production capacity in line with growing demand in the future, with the aim of producing one million units a month by the end of 2012.


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