Ramtron Announces New Wireless Memory Development Kit

Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR), the leading developer and supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) and integrated semiconductor products, today announced availability of its MaxReader Development Kit. Designed by Ramtron, the MaxReader Development Kit is a complete system for engineers to quickly evaluate, thoroughly test, and rapidly prototype Ramtron’s MaxArias™ wireless memory for a broad range of RF-enabled applications.

The MaxReader Development Kit features Ramtron’s MaxArias WM72016 16-Kilobit wireless F-RAM memory on a small-footprint, EPC Gen2 radio frequency reader board (interrogator) along with wireless memory transponders (also available separately) and other hardware to enable engineers to fully test and develop designs using the robust features of the MaxArias wireless memory.  The kit offers a graphical user interface (GUI) and command line interface for ease-of-use as well as step-by-step, out-of-box application information and documentation to accelerate evaluation and prototyping.

“Ramtron’s MaxReader Development Kit offers an affordable and compact 1-watt Gen2 reader design that demonstrates the unique performance characteristics of our MaxArias wireless memory,” states Duncan Bennett, Ramtron wireless memory product manager. “The kit is a compelling demonstration vehicle and development platform that allows the wireless capture, transmission, and storage of data — up to six times faster than comparable EEPROM devices.  In addition, MaxArias wireless F-RAM memory products, like the WM72016 included with the kit, are capable of capturing large block writes — up to 127 words— without loss of data integrity or compromising read/write speed and distance.”


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