Radiall and Molex Introduce the Expansion of the SMP-MAX Series of RF Coaxial Interconnect Solutions

Molex Incorporated and Radiall announced the continued collaboration and expansion of their cost-effective SMP-MAX series with new symmetrical adapters and RF coaxial interconnect solutions for board-to-board, module-to-module and panel-to-panel telecom applications. As a second source, Molex is designing, manufacturing and marketing these connectors for global customers.

“We’ve grown the SMP-MAX connector family substantially with over 80 specific designs, which were developed over the past 18 month period,” said Roger Kauffman, Marketing/Sales Manager for RF Products, Molex. “As with the all of our Molex SMP-MAX connectors, the new products offer the largest misalignment tolerance in the industry for simple and reliable connections even in blind-mate applications.”

The new SMP-MAX symmetrical adapters eliminate the risk of assembly errors during manufacturing. Molex has over 80 specific SMP-MAX connector designs that have been developed for global telecom customers, making SMP-MAX one of the fastest growing series in the RF industry. SMP-MAX is currently being deployed in numerous wireless telecom projects in North America, Europe and Asia as a cost-effective solution adaptable to virtually any configuration.

The SMP-MAX can handle a maximum board-to-board distance tolerance of up to at least 2.00 mm (0.078”) gap without a spring – much greater than the standard SMP. It also features a 3 degree tilt (radial travel), it has an operating frequency range of DC-6 GHz, a 1.2 max VSWR up to 3 GHz, and it can handle up to 300 Watts of power at 2.7 GHz.


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