Projects Unlimited, Inc. Announces .01005 Electronic Component Placement Capability

Projects Unlimited, Inc., Dayton, Ohio, announced today that it has implemented the technology & perfected the capability to place .01005 mm. electronic chip components. This capability comes at a crucial time in electronic manufacturing as Robotics, UAV’s & other modern military & aerospace platforms look to decrease weight & size for cost savings while maintaining reliability. Projects Unlimited, Inc. has been placing .0201 components, which are about the size of a grain of pepper for several years. The .01005 components are smaller & difficult to see with an unaided eye. We will begin production on printed circuit boards requiring .01005 later this summer.

Brenda Ramos, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Aerospace and Electronics, announced that this was one of the highlights of the year for Projects Unlimited and the company is very excited to have the opportunity to offer this capability to our customers. Further, it demonstrates PUI’s commitment to continuous improvement & obtaining the most up to date capabilities in electronic manufacturing.

Projects Unlimited Inc., Dayton, Ohio, is an AS-9100 registered electronics contract manufacturer servicing the aerospace & military industry for nearly 60+ years. The Aerospace & Electronics Company employs approximately 170 people and has a state of the art 74,500 square foot manufacturing facility.


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