President Obama Visits Honeywell’s Golden Valley Site to Discuss Jobs Initiatives

President Barack Obama made a stop at Honeywell's Golden Valley, Minnesota site on June 1 to announce new initiatives for veteran job creation and celebrate Honeywell's support of the Joining Forces Initiative, which has resulted in the hiring of more than 900 veterans.

Obama toured the Golden Valley manufacturing site, met with Honeywell veteran employees, and then addressed a crowd of 1,200 employees, local and state government representatives and the press.  He shared his economic "To-Do List” for Congress to stimulate job creation, which focused on easing the transition for veterans returning home and making job opportunities available to them.

“And that’s why, here at Honeywell, you’ve made it a mission to hire more veterans. And let me say, Dave is incredibly patriotic, loves his veterans, but this - Honeywell is doing this not just because it feels good.  They're doing it because it’s good for business, because veterans make outstanding workers.  So today, I’m taking executive action that will make it easier for a lot of companies to do the same thing,” said Obama.

"No one who ever fights for this country should ever have to fight for a job when they come home," said Obama.

Honeywell announced its support of Obama's Joining Forces initiative to encourage companies to hire and train more military veterans in August 2011.  Since that time, it has placed more than 900 veterans in a wide variety of roles including engineers, production supervisors, technicians and sourcing/logistics professionals.


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