Powercast RF Transmitter Named an EDN Hot 100 Product of 2010

Powercast Corporation, a leader in RF-based wireless power and energy harvesting technology, today announced that EDN Magazine has named its TX91501 Powercaster™ transmitter in the EDN “Hot 100″ Products of 2010. Specifically, the RF transmitter was chosen in the power category for its ability to broadcast power to remote, micro-power devices such as wireless sensors, tracking tags, and even low-power consumer electronic devices such as eBook readers. Combining Powercast’s transmitter with its P1110 or P2110 Powerharvester® receivers creates a wireless power system which broadcasts and then converts RF energy into DC power for remote powering/charging.

Compiled by EDN’s editors, this annual listing highlights the electronics industry’s most significant products, including analog and digital ICs, process technologies, power sources, processor cores, communication controllers, test instruments, embedded boards and EDA tools.

The Powercaster transmitter is approved by the FCC (Part 15) and Industry Canada. It is designed for wireless micro-power applications in the commercial, industrial, defense and consumer electronics markets including remote monitoring (temperature/environmental/security), asset tracking, building automation and automated charging.

Broadcasted RF energy creates a perpetual power source, unlike potentially unreliable solar, heat or vibration energy sources, to provide automated charging, power-over-distance, one-to-many charging, and controllable wireless power (continuous, scheduled or on-demand) for zero-maintenance devices.


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