Pomona Electronics Announces Time-Saving F Connectors

Pomona Electronics, the leading brand of cables, connectors and test accessories, announces a new F Connector series that features an easy, three-step installation process: strip the wire; fold back the braid; and push on the F connector without a crimp tool. This procedure results in a safe, secure connection with 40lb. minimum cable retention.
  • Pomona models 6707/08/09/10. These F connectors are designed for RG6 or RG59 cables.
  • “F Between Series Adapters”, Pomona models 6714/15/16, allow cables with F connectors to attach quickly and reliably with BNC connectors.
  • “F Within Series Adapters”, Pomona models 6712 and 6713, maximize space behind equipment by allowing 90-degree cable attachment to either F-type female or male adapters.
  • “F Bulkhead receptacle”, Pomona model 6706 allows two F-type male connectors to connect together, stand along side or through a bulkhead or panel.
  • “F Female PCB Mount” Pomona model 6711 for RG59 or RG6 cables mounts and locks onto the circuit board preventing any rotation of the part.
All Pomona connectors, are durably made to the highest quality standards with gold-plated brass center contacts for excellent, long-lasting connections and are backed with complete engineering drawings and support.


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