Phihong Develops 125W External Constant-Current AC/DC LED Drivers

Phihong USA, a global leader in power solutions for OEM lighting technology, has developed a new constant-current external LED driver for high power applications, including street and parking area lighting. Designated the PDA125 series, the 125W drivers are available in outputs of 700mA, 1050mA and 1400mA. This versatility, combined with a wide range of operating temperatures, makes the drivers ideal for high power lighting installations in harsh environments. Offering optional 0-10V dimming, the PDA125 series meets all ENERGY STAR requirements governing power supplies in solid-state lighting luminaires.

“We are pleased to introduce a new series of drivers that offer users high power functionality for overhead outdoor area lighting at cost competitive prices,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA. “The lighting market is shifting towards long lasting solid-state technology, especially for street and parking area lighting, since LEDs can provide high power brightness and decrease long term energy expenditures.”

The 125W driver series is rated for universal inputs of 100 to 304VAC, which is ideal for both North American 120 or 277VAC and European 230 to 240VAC mains voltage ranges. The lighting power supplies are water resistant and fully potted, featuring an ingress protection rating of 65. The series also features an extremely wide range of operating temperatures, from -40°C to +60°C, making it ideal for a variety of applications outside of climate-controlled environments.

The driver series is available in two variations: the PDA125W, which features standard 0-10V dimming, and the PDA125B, which does not feature a dimming option. Additional standard features for all models include over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit, and open circuit protections, as well as brownout/brownout recovery and power factor correction >0.9.

Bearing cUL/UL and CE compliance approvals, the LED driver series is also energy efficient, featuring typical ratings over 91% at inputs of 120VAC and greater than 93% at inputs ranging from 230 to 277VAC.

The PDA125 series measures 194mm x 68mm x 37mm and weighs 2lbs. Pricing for the series starts at $118.97 for dimmable models in single unit quantities.


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