Pericom Expands PCI Express® 2.0 Offering with Next Generation Packet Switch Family

Pericom Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEM), a leading supplier of high-speed connectivity, timing and signal-conditioning solutions, today announced the addition of a new PCI Express 2.0 (GEN2) SlimLine™ and ExtremeLo™ small lane count Packet Switch product family offering ‘next generation’ features such as fully integrated clock buffer, configurable lanes, industry smallest available package, and advanced power savings and management feature options specified in the most advanced PCI Express specifications. The new packet Switch family is specifically designed to meet the power sensitive requirements of mobile platforms such as laptop, TAB, and portable docking, as well as embedded, Wi-Fi router/ gateway, Printer/ MFP, Storage, combo card, HBA, set-top box, and general motherboard applications. Pericom will display these new devices at the Intel Developer Forum, China National Convention Center, April 11-12, 2012.

The new GEN2 Packet Switch family builds on Pericom’s widely adopted and successful low lane count PCIe 1.0 (GEN1) SlimLine™ Packet Switch family, and consists of three different port and lane-count configurations: a 4-Port/4-Lane (PI7C9X2G404SL), 3-Port/4-Lane (PI7C9X2G304SL), and a 3-Port/3-Lane (PI7C9X2G303EL). Product family highlights include fully integrated PCIe 2.0 clock buffer, which eliminates the need for the cost and footprint of an external clock buffer, and advanced power management features. The PI7C2G304SL offers configurable upstream PCIe lane width (x1 or x2), while the PI7C2G303EL is offered in an 8mmx8mm aQFN package – the industry smallest available Packet Switch.

“For PCIe connectivity and switch products, we project the market growing from around $100 million in 2011 to greater than $170 million by 2015", said Jag Bolaria, senior analyst at the Linley Group, a respected IC industry analyst firm. “Pericom is doing a good job of supporting the processor I/O upgrade to PCIe GEN2 with this new packet switch family.”

“Leveraging our industry leading position of having shipped millions of GEN1 small packet switches, we took that already lowest power family and added the newest ‘standards specified’ power management features, as well as clock buffer integration”, said Bill Weir, Pericom’s senior marketing director for Connect Products.
“Our new GEN2 family enables platform designers to further reduce BOM cost, PCB footprint, and fully realize the power management benefits of the latest industry specifications, while still maintaining the performance and quality levels of the Pericom brand.”

All 3 new products are rated for Industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C), are provided in Pb (lead) free and Green packages, support Access Control Service (ACS) for peer-to-peer traffic on downstream ports, and support multiple specific power management feature options based on the latest PCIe 2.1 and other specifications targeted to improve Platform Power Management, especially in mobile devices, with all features fully user programmable via SMBus port. In addition, all SlimLine™ and ExtremeLo™ family products offer Pericom’s proprietary PowerSave™ low power technology, and conform to the latest PCI-SIG 2.1 specification, as well as meeting all compliance standards.


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