Paris Air Show: AB Elektronik Builds on Early Aerospace Success

AB Elektronik, the sensor division of TT electronics, is making its comprehensive range of sensors available to the aerospace sector for the first time. Comprising over 500 standard items, the range includes pressure, temperature, position and proximity devices.

AB Elektronik specialises in developing sensor-based solutions for the most challenging sensing applications; many of their products are used in critical safety and high performance situations. The Company will be showing a wide range of products at the Paris Air Show in June, the first time it has shown its full range of capabilities there. Visitors to the AB Elektronik stand will be able to see working sensors using force feedback, sophisticated integrated sensors and sub-assemblies, as well as the latest HALOSENSOR(r) product, the NANO.

HALOSENSOR(r) will already be familiar to aerospace buyers. The system accurately locates blind holes in structures from 2mm to 100mm and improves drilling and alignment accuracy, leading to reduced scrap and increased efficiency. The system has been used on every Airbus aircraft built since 2003.

AB Elektronik has gained its credentials in the highly demanding automotive industry, with estimates suggesting that at least one of their devices is to be found in every German car, and in around half of all cars globally. Technology developed in the automotive field can be directly applied in aerospace. For example, CO2 reduction is a key driver, and monitoring of engine emissions using robust, high temperature sensors is in demand for both ground transportation and aircraft applications. In the aerospace sector, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and a number of military organisations are already counted as customers.

The wide capability of the AB Elektronik sensors range makes them suitable for the demanding applications found in aerospace. For example, speed sensors are able to measure up to 350,000 rpm, while temperature sensors operate from -40 degC to 850 degC and remain highly accurate even in harsh environments. In addition to providing a standard range of sensors, AB Elektronik scientists and engineers enjoy the challenge of developing innovative solutions to customer problems.

"The Paris Air Show will be a great opportunity to talk with our aerospace contacts about their current problems and how our huge range of products can help" said Phillip Joyce, Global Business Development Director at AB Elektronik. "We have built a client base of some of the largest names in the business from our HALOSENSOR(r) range alone; now we are looking forward to addressing many more customer problems with the other exciting products we offer."


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