OMRON Releases Cutting-Edge Fiber Amplifier with Unparalleled Usability

OMRON Corporation (TOKYO:6645)(ADR:OMRNY) announces the release on December 1 of the following new fiber amplifier series and open network fiber amplifier sensor communication units.

Exponentially improved usability thanks to unique smart tuning function and complete redesign. With the recent rapid expansion of manufacturing into new markets and regions, there is a growing need to train ever-increasing numbers of technicians how to operate fiber amplifiers, yet technological advancements mean such devices are becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to operate, leading to an increase in human error.

OMRON's new next-generation E3X-HD fiber amplifiers are vastly easier to operate than conventional devices. OMRON's proprietary smart tuning function means that anyone can accurately adjust sensor threshold and light intensity settings to ensure stable detection conditions with the press of a button. It is also possible to confirm settings at a glance with a setting visualization screen and symbolic indicators on control buttons. Additionally, the smart power control function ensures the long-term stability of detection accuracy by sensing and automatically compensating for LED light intensity deterioration and decreases in light incident level due to build-up of grime.

The GIGA RAY II lighting element is now 1.5 times more power efficient - and a 25% overall reduction in power consumption compared with previous models means you can not only operate your equipment with a higher level of stability, but also reduce energy consumption at the same time.

The fiber amplifier sensor communication units that are being released simultaneously with E3X-HDs are able to communicate over high-speed open networks such as "EtherCAT™," and "CompoNet" - the popularity of which, is expected to continue increasing rapidly. This means that not only can the amount of cabling and wiring be reduced, configuration and monitoring can also be easily carried out using programmable logic controllers and display monitors.


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