NKK Switches, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switches, today announced the availability of the FP01 Series of contactless illuminated pushbutton switches. FP01 devices are ideal for critical and demanding applications requiring a robust and dependable solution.

FP01 contactless, illuminated pushbuttons use a diode photo interrupter rather than traditional contacts to ensure high reliability and a long life of 3 million mechanical operations minimum. These pushbuttons present an attractive alternative for engineers charged with designing panels for equipment exposed to corrosive gases and similarly harsh environments, where reliability due to contact contamination is a concern.

The rugged construction and smooth actuation of the FP01 Series allows repeated and rapid actuation force anywhere on the cap surface. Typical high usage applications for these devices include operator controlled industrial machinery, vending machines, gaming and museum displays.

These switches feature super bright LED illumination with the LEDs as an integral component of the switch. Engineers can configure FP01 devices for highly visible status indication by choosing colored actuators to match the red, green or amber LED illumination, or for subdued illumination in low light environments by specifying a white actuator over the colored LED.

Featuring a single photo transistor that activates a momentary ON position, these pushbuttons are snap-in mount for easy installation. Each device includes a six pin socket and engineers can choose between assembled connector plugs with wire leads or unassembled plugs and pins.

The FP01 Series has a behind panel depth of only 21.4mm. Actuator caps are round with a diameter of 26mm, providing ample actuating surface. The required panel cutout is 22.9mm and the recommended panel thickness range is 2.5mm to 5mm. The operating temperature range is negative 25 degrees Celsius through positive 50 degrees Celsius.

The actuator caps are constructed to easily accommodate pad printing or laser etching. Custom legends and additional value added wire assemblies are available from NKK Switches upon request.


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