Nichicon Develops World’s Smallest and Lightest 10-kW Quick Charger for EVs

Nichicon Corporation announces the release of the world’s smallest and lightest* quick charger for Electric Vehicles (EVs). This 10-kW-capacity model is certified for the CHAdeMO system and expands the company’s lineup by adding an EV quick charger that simplifies installation and lowers the user’s total costs. By utilizing its technology for OBCs (on board chargers) for EVs and standardizing the main components, Nichicon has succeeded in developing an ultra-compact quick charger. The product was displayed at the 2012 Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc. Annual Congress, from May 23 to 25, 2012 at Pacifico Yokohama.

With issues like global warming raising people’s environmental awareness around the world, countries are striving to reduce their carbon emissions. In the automotive industry, companies in Japan, North America, and Europe are working in earnest to develop and mass produce EVs. Nichicon has been supplying OBCs (OBC with DC/DC converter) for the Mitsubishi EV (i-MiEV) and the Nissan EV (LEAF) since the release of these two electric vehicles.

But to achieve successful dissemination of EVs, charging facilities for these vehicles must become an integral part of social infrastructure. In this respect as well Nichicon has been answering the call by developing technologies for EV quick chargers. Utilizing its technology for OBCs for EVs, the company has garnered high ratings from the market by developing and releasing ever-more-compact quick chargers for EVs: products that were at the time of their release the world’s smallest and lightest such products (CHAdeMO system) in the 20-, 30-, and 50-kW output classes.

Nichicon was able to make this 10-kW ultra-compact quick charger the world’s smallest and lightest in its class by utilizing the company’s OBC technology and standardizing the main components. Its size and weight make it easier to transport and more economical to install. And because its capacity is just 10kW, the user doesn’t necessarily need to sign a contract for large amounts of electricity from the local utility, but they should check. All in all, businesses can now install a quick charger with less fuss and fewer expenses. With this compact product added to Nichicon’s lineup, quick chargers are no longer just for public institutions and large companies—now small-and-medium-sized companies and even family-run operations can realistically afford them.


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