NEW MODEL 4005, 5 MHz Function Generator, with Frequency Counter !!

The model 4005 has a number of exceptional features and functions not offered by many other similar 5 MHz Function Generators on the market today.

The 4005 is designed to be very vestal and not only used as a Function Generator, But Also as noted below, a Sweep Generator, Pulse Generator and a Frequency Counter & at a very affordable cost of only $320.00 !!!

VCF (voltage controlled frequency) produces precision sine, square and triangle waves over the 0.05Hz to 5MHz for sub-audible, audio, ultrasonic and RF applications. A continuously variable DC offset allows the output to be injected directly into circuits at the correct bias level.

Also, Variable symmetry of the output waveforms converts the model 4005 into a pulse generator capable of generating rectangular waves or pulses, ramp or saw tooth waves and skewed sine waves of variable duty cycle. The sweep generator offers linear sweep with variable sweep rate and sweep width up to 100:1 frequency change. The frequency response of any active or passive device up to 5 MHz can be then determined.

The New Model 4005 from Global Specialties is a great product for use in a wide range of applications in both analog and digital electronics such as engineering, manufacturing, servicing, education and hobbyist.


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