New Low Cost Switching Regulator for Less Than USD 1.98

The price for our new modular R-78E – switching regulator is so attractive that it no longer pays to manufacture them in house – not even for large quantities! Buying these modules saves time, development costs and avoids negative surprises, for example undesired radiation.

Low energy consumption has become a watch word, high energy consuming linear regulator are no longer an alternative. Their energy losses are usually 5 to 10 times higher than for the R-78E. It is therefore not surprising that they require cooling, whilst the R-78E does not need heat sinks. The slightly higher material costs of the switching regulator are usually amortized within a few months.

The new R-78E is pin-compatible with other 78-switching regulators and standard TO-220-linear regulators. This module is a cost effective, energy saving “drop-in” replacement. Its input range of 4:1 extends up to 28VDC and enables the operation of 24-industry standard bus systems, as well as 9V and 12V battery systems. The 5V/500mA output is regulated to <+/- 0,5%. The ripple is specified at <50mVpp.

The R-78E does not require external components, is short circuit-, overload- and against over heating, protected. Due to its high efficiency, operation in the industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C(+70°C without de-rating) is possible without heat sinks. Its SIP3-miniature case measures only 11,6 x 8,5 x 10,4mm.

This new “Low Cost” module covers most customer applications and makes no compromises with respect to quality and reliability. The warranty covers the full 3 years RECOM-standard. The R-78E is currently the cheapest switching regulator on the market and with its good specifications a viable economic alternative to discrete solutions. Its available ex stock from all leading distributors.


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