The New GPS Plus Card II From ClearConnex. Now Supporting Maestro A2100 and Trimble Copernicus II GPS Modules.

ClearConnex is pleased to announce the latest addition to its expansion slot card family. The new enhanced card is called the ClearConnex GPS Plus Card II now with support for the Maestro A2100, based on SiRFstarIV technology, or Trimble Copernicus II GPS modules.

The card joins the GPS Plus Card for Fastrack, the M2M Quickstart Developer kit, and the Firmware Loading Board in ClearConnex's fast growing hardware product line.

Build On What's There and Start Ahead.

The expansion slot is one of the most underutilized innovations in wireless modems. Expandable hardware platforms have the potential to deliver the functionality of a custom solution with the cost-effectiveness of an off the shelf modem.

Take an expandable Maestro Heritage, Xact Trax or Sierra Wireless Fastrack Modem. Add our GPS Plus Card II for SIRFstarIV or Trimble Copernicus II modules and you don't have to invest another cent on hardware or mechanical design to gain additional capabilities.

We've tested and proven this new Card with our ClearComm Software Platform. That means there are little or no software development costs when you use these technologies together.

The design is a building block.

In addition to continuing support for SD cards and 26 GPIOs, another big change from the original Fastrack Card is the additional support for an accelerometer. Just like the original GPS Plus Card for Fastrack, you can license this Card design as is and have an out of the box solution or ClearConnex Engineering Services can be utilized to customize the card for your own needs.

Do Not Reinvent The Wheel.

Ryan Rangel, ClearConnex CEO,explains: "The GPS Plus Card II keeps us in lock-step with the latest in GPS technology. You can use this design as a starting point and swap out capabilities with little cost in time or money on development. Talk about starting ahead and finishing ahead."


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