New Crouzet Safety Relays

Thanks to its new range of Safety Relays, Crouzet helps you ensure the safety of your people and your machines.

The offer is dedicated to machine safety applications and has been redesigned to cover the following functions:
  • "Emergency stop" & "Safety Gate monitoring" function through emergency stop modules in single or 2-channel operation mode or delayed emergency stop modules
  • "Standstill detection without sensors" function through a standstill monitor,
  • "Two-hand safety” function with two push buttons
  • "Multiplication of contacts" function for safety relays through an extension module,
  • "110 VAC and 230 VAC power supply with double insulation" for 24 VDC safety relays.
This offer also meets the needs of the lift market thanks to a "Relevelling Zone Check" safety relay, as per the EN 81-1, -2 Lift Standard.

This new range includes removable terminal blocks in both screw and spring cage versions in order to speed up the wiring and maintenance of the installation.

The whole range is compliant with EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061.


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