NEW 4 ½ Digit Bench Digital Multimeter

The PRO-1000 is a portable, bench digital multimeter with a 4 ½ digit LED display that can measure diodes, frequency, current, voltage, resistance, as well as test continuity & all for a very Low List Price of ONLY $345.00

Important features of the New Model PRO-1000, include:

• True RMS Digital Multimeter with 4 1/2 digit (LED) display.
• Basic DC Voltage accuracy of 0.05 %
• Basic AC Voltage accuracy of 0.75 %
• Overload protection on all ranges
• AC/DC Voltage measurement up to 1000V DC and 750V AC
• AC/DC Current measurement up to 10A
• Resistance measurement up to 20MΩ
• Frequency Measurement up to 200kHz
• Audible continuity test
• Diode Test Voltage, 2V
• 110-120VAC @ 50 Hz/ 210-220VAC @ 50 Hz Input Voltage
• Weighs only 4.4lbs (approx. 2.0kg)
• Comes complete with User’s Manual, 1 Set Test Leads, Power cord & Spare Fuse


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