NetPower Introduces 200W Boost Converter

NetPower today announced the addition of a new high power boost converter to its DC/DC converter offerings.  This NZT boost converter is primarily designed as a pre-regulator that facilitates the use of readily available standard 18-36Vin isolated brick converters - such as NetPower’s SRS2, ERS2, QRS2, TRS2 series of converters- in applications that require an input voltage range of 9-36V.

Customers gain better efficiency/thermal performance compared with using a rarely available 9-36Vin isolated converter. Customers also benefit from the freedom to bypass this pre-regulator for cost saving in applications not requiring the boost function. A power-good signal is provided to enable the down-stream converter after the boost converter output voltage is established.  This NZT boost converter is designed for best thermal performance with efficiency above 92% over the full input range.

This boost converter has protection features including input under-voltage-lock-out, output over-current/over-voltage, and over temperature protections.  Option features include inrush-control, negative/positive enable logic, and baseplate for enhanced thermal performance.

Samples of the 200W NZT converter are available.


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