NetPower Introduces 100A Quarter Brick Converters

NetPower announces the addition of high current quarter brick converters to its 48V input quarter brick QPS4 series.  The new additions are 1.5V/100A and 1.2V/100A converter modules. These converters are designed for best thermal performance to make the high current available under practical applications.  The full load conversion efficiencies are 89% for 1.5V/100A and 87.5% for 1.2V/100A, which are significantly higher than other products at the same or similar ratings in today’s market.

These high current converters exhibit monotonic start-up into pre-biased load and robust stability, designed for basic insulation with 2250V isolation voltage. Standard protections include input under-voltage-lock-out, output over-current/over-voltage, and over temperature protections.  Option features are dual output pins, negative/positive enable logic, auto-restart after fault shutdown, and baseplate for enhanced thermal performance.

Such low voltage, high current isolated converters minimize the space taken by the power converters on a system board and yield the highest overall conversion efficiency among different power architectures.  Thus, they are the most favorable choices by the system designers in high current applications where the board density and efficiency are critical.

Samples of the 100A QPS converters are available.


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