MSI Debuts Z77A-GD80, The World's First Mainboard with Next-Generation Thunderbolt Transfer Interface. Providing a New Experience in Speed and Connectivity for Desktop Users.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012, world-renowned mainboard manufacturer MSI showcased the Z77A-GD80 mainboard, featuring the world's first mainboard with ThunderboltTM support. The leading technology on display in the Z77A-GD80 resulted in unprecedented interest and coverage by global media, and is now officially released today. The Z77A-GD80 is equipped with the newest Intel Z77 chipset with support for the new generation 22nm processors, and is equipped with the newest ThunderboltTM transfer interface. With ThunderboltTM, external device connectivity problems faced by high-end users are alleviated such as: poor data transfer rates, every device requiring an independent connection port, and transfer speed dropping low when sending and receiving files simultaneously due to lack of bandwidth, etc. The all new ThunderboltTM transfer technology provides an extremely large bi-direction 10Gbps bandwidth, which allows simultaneous connection of high resolution monitors, storage devices and even a graphics card. 8-channel audio signal is also supported, allowing multiple devices to be connected via a single cable. The Z77A-GD80 mainboard utilizes Military Class III components, which passed through 7 rigorous MIL-STD-810G standard tests and have also been certified by independent third-party laboratories, providing the best quality and stability. It is also equipped with the MSI's proprietary one-second overclocking OC Genie II and UEFI / Windows dual-graphical interface ClickBIOS II, allowing users to easily achieve high system performance with an easy operational experience.

The world's fastest external transfer technology - ThunderboltTM

The MSI Z77A-GD80 features the newest and fastest external connection technology – ThunderboltTM. It provides two-way bandwidth that reaches as high as 10Gbps and can also provide electric power for external devices. HD video content can be transferred within only a few seconds! The two-way and independent bandwidth design allows users to send and receive files simultaneously through the ThunderboltTM interface and not reduce the respective transfer speed. Additionally, only one cable connection is required from the computer to other external peripherals such as high-resolution monitors and large capacity external storage devices. 8-channel audio signals are also supported. Compared to the traditional interface which requires one connection cable to connect each device or multiple external hubs, ThunderboltTM can increase convenience and ease of connectivity, fully meeting the needs of professionals and high-end users.


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