Mini SAS HD Connector and Copper Cable Assembly Supporting 6 and 12 Gbps SAS Applications

TE Connectivity launches the new Mini SAS HD interconnect, designed to double the port density of low-profile PCIe cards and support 6- and 12-Gbps SAS applications. This new product, which includes a receptacle connector/cage assembly and direct-attach copper cable, has been adopted for the SAS 2.1 standard and supports the latest SAS protocols for high-speed data transfer in storage area networks (SANS), data centers, switching applications and more. The Mini SAS HD interconnect is fully compliant to SAS 2.1 and SFF-8644 industry specifications.

Mini SAS HD Receptacle Connector and Cage Assembly
In most low-profile PCIe cards, density is limited to only two 4x ports due to size restrictions. With TE's new Mini SAS HD one-piece receptacle connector and cage assembly, which is only 12.5mm wide, users can double the port density of a single low-profile PCIe card as the assembly allows four 4x ports.

The reduced size of the Mini SAS HD assembly also helps save PCB real estate and provides additional beach front for system designers. In addition, the mechanical keys required in the Mini SAS connector assembly have been eliminated to reduce manufacturing part numbers for both the host connector and cable.

Mini SAS HD Direct-Attach Copper Cable
The Mini SAS HD direct-attach copper cables, which are offered with either 4x (4 channels) or 8x (8 channels) cable plug configurations, have been developed for easy cable routing. The cable design combines TE Madison Cable brand 4-pair TurboTwin cables with dual exit cable connector backshells, and for greater flexibility and a tighter bend radius, TE offers the Madison Cable brand InfiniTwist bulk 4-pair cable. Shielding in both of the bulk cables consists of a foil wrap and copper braid to maximize signal integrity and minimize EMI radiation.

In addition, each Mini SAS HD cable incorporates an industry-compliant EEPROM signature that allows the host to identify the cable and automatically configure system settings to optimize data signal transfer. A key mechanical feature of the Mini SAS HD cable plug connector is an enhanced pull-to-release latch and spring-loaded pull tab, which reduces the latch insertion force and increases its retention force.

TE also offers a hybrid 4x Mini SAS HD to Mini SAS assembly for connecting next-generation systems with legacy systems.


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