Maxwell Technologies' Swiss Subsidiary Launches New Line of Medium Voltage Capacitors and Voltage Dividers

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MXWL), a leading producer of energy storage and power delivery products, announced today that its Swiss subsidiary has launched a new line of CONDIS® capacitors and voltage dividers for medium voltage applications.

Maxwell Technologies SA is a leading global supplier of capacitors for applications in electric utility infrastructure and other applications involving transmission, distribution and measurement of electrical energy.  Its CONDIS® products are recognized for their world class quality and reliability, electrical & mechanical strength, long lifetime and their ability to be tailored to individual customer requirements.

The new medium voltage (MV) capacitors and voltage divider products are based on Maxwell's environmentally friendly CDAS technology, featuring molded resin construction and gas impregnation, which eliminates the potential for oil leakage. Maxwell is one of the world's only suppliers of MV components to fully automate its winding and assembly processes, ensuring absolute product uniformity.  These process and material advances result in superior electrical performance, reliability and longevity. Key user benefits include:
  •     Minimal variation of electrical performance throughout the product lifetime
  •     High temperature stability
  •     Compact size and lower weight
  •     Reduced capacitor costs


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