Maestro Wireless Gets Full Approval for Maestro 100 in the US

The Maestro 100 is a full range of GPRS/EDGE Rx or CDMA packet data modem with a universal RS232 interface for easy integration into any M2M solution. The Maestro 100CDMA features a full TCP/IP stack and support gpsOne for location aware application. The industrial power supply supporting voltage range from 9 to 60V DC. The Maestro 100evo is a GPRS/EDGE Rx programmable modem supporting OpenAT and can be easily set-up through Maestro’s Configuration Software, a Windows based application that let you easily setup and test your modem. This tool includes important features such as automatic and self recovery TCP/UDP connection or remote program update via DOTA.

Both devices come in an industrial metal casing supporting extreme temperature with a din-clip mount, easy to integrate into the most demanding industrial environment.

The Maestro 100evo is already a reference in Europe and Asia in the metering and industrial automation market. “The launch of the Maestro 100 will strengthen our presence in the US market” said Olivier Bernard, Maestro Wireless’ Vice-President of Business Development. “ the M2M market in the US has increasingly matured and the market demands easy to install and cost-effective devices for mass-deployment. The Maestro 100 was designed to be the new benchmark in the US M2M marketplace.”


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