Maestro Announces The A2035-H, a Flash Based, SiRFStarIV, Embedded Antenna GPS Receiver

The A2035-H is Maestro Wireless Solutions answer to the most critical challenges in the GPS market: high integration, high performance, and a reduce time to market. The combination of a fully enhanced SiRFStar IV GPS engine and a custom-made high directional patch antenna ease engineers integration job in tough electrical environment.

All outstanding features of the SiRFStar IV GPS engine are immediately available: fast, responsive location experience with high sensitive navigation engine tracking down to -163dBm; breakthrough micro power technology, the A2035-H only requires between 50 to 500μA to maintain hot start capability and active jammer remover.

The A2035-H fully addresses the demand for extreme low power operation and ultra fast TTFF. Its highest sensitivity, allows for use in the most demanding conditions.

“Our A2035-H GPS antenna module is a great achievement from the R&D team. Apart from its high reliability and attractive features, it also will ensure to our customer a faster time to market as well as strong RF performances” commented Xavier DUPONT Managing Director of the Fargo Telecom Group.

All Maestro Wireless Solutions products come with detailed manuals and easy-to-use evaluation boards. The A2035-H operates in the full temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.


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