Low Profile 3D Silicon Capacitors for Embedded Technology (100μm Thickness)

It is a well known fact that standard passive devices take 70% of board space, when, at the same time, the need for embedded technologies with miniature chips is growing significantly.

Thanks to its unique high capacitance density (up to 250nF/mm²), IPDiA has launched a full range of Low Profile Silicon Capacitors (LPSC), with a thickness of 100μm, offering different sizes from the miniature 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 and up to 1206.

IPDiA LPSC range can offer for example a unique 01005 miniature capacitor, with an amazing 1,5nF value, or even a 100μm 1206 1μF.

All these capacitors have NiAu terminaisons, which make them perfect for embedded construction. Copper terminaisons are also available on request.

Advantages of the LPSC range in Embedded applications are detailed below:
  •     Increased reliability compared to X7R MLCC thanks to a very high Mean Time To Failure ( see graph below);
  •     Improvement of electrical parameters thanks to the ultra high stability of the silicon capacitors: ageing rate (0.001% per decade), high temperature stability (< ±0.5%), high voltage stability with a capacitance drop < 0.1% / Volts;
  •     Ultra miniaturization and weight savings;
Stress tests performed on our LPSC show that they can withstand several Newtons force.

Today’s main runners for embedded technology are in 0402, so please contact your IPDIA sales to check out our LPSC 0402 Silicon capacitor range, from 100pF to 100nF!

Whatever your requirements… Six standard package options are available, including EIA 1005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206 case sizes. Capacitors are available in DC voltage rating of 11 V and 100 V, with capacitance available from pF to 12 μF. Capacitance tolerance offerings include +/-5 %, +/-10 % and +/-20 %. Samples and production quantities are available now.


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