Lattice Launches Free "@MachXO2 Speed" Seminar Series

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: LSCC) today announced the "@MachXO2 Speed" seminar series in partnership with its worldwide network of sales representatives and distribution partners. The seminar series includes hands-on technical training and live hardware demonstrations that focus on the innovative MachXO2™ PLD features that speed the design process and reduce time-to-market. The seminar's hands-on hardware demonstrations utilize the versatile, battery-powered MachXO2 Pico Development Kit, which is discounted to $29 for the remainder of 2012.

The initial @MachXO2 Speed seminar focuses on nine new reference and demonstration designs that enhance the usability of the built-in I2C, SPI and User Flash Memory functions in the low cost, low power MachXO2 PLD family's unique Flash memory-based Embedded Function Block (EFB). New technical features include commented, pre-verified RTL and C code that is easily re-usable to help engineers get a head start on their own design implementations.

The @MachXO2 Speed seminars are available worldwide from Lattice and its network of sales and distribution partners. "The MachXO2 Embedded Function Block simplifies the design process for our programmable logic customers," said Rita Megling, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Lattice distribution partner NuHorizons Electronics. "We look forward to mobilizing our field applications engineering team to help our customers complete their PLD designs faster than ever."

The @MachXO2 Speed seminars cover a wide variety of topics, including:
  •     I2C-Slave (Lattice reference design number RD1124)
  •     SPI-Slave (RD1125)
  •     UFM access (RD1126)
  •     Embedded Programming (RD1129)
  •     I2C Master with I2C Slave (Lattice demonstration design number UG55)
  •     SPI Master with SPI Slave (UG56)
  •     Master I2C & SPI Using 'C' and the LatticeMico8™ Microcontroller (UG54)
  •     Programming via the Wishbone Bus Interface (UG57)
  •     Low Power Control (UG58)


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