ITW Chemtronics Introduces New Line of CircuitWorks® Tacky Flux

ITW Chemtronics® introduces a new line of convenient and easy to use tacky fluxes to its line of circuit board repair and rework products. These innovative products offer three different formulations for specific rework needs; CircuitWorks® No-Clean Tacky Flux, CircuitWorks® Water Soluble Tacky Flux, and CircuitWorks® Lead Free Tacky Flux. This line of flux is designed for BGA rework requiring high-reliability, stability and cleanliness. Whether your requirements are for a water-soluble and water removable tacky flux, a high temperature lead-free tacky flux, or a no-clean tacky flux for your BGA rework, these products will work with your processes. CircuitWorks® Tacky Flux gels hold the BGA component in position even with board movement. They are halide and halogen free, and contain no ionic material. All CircuitWorks® Tacky Flux meet IPC requirements and have a two year shelf life.

ITW Chemtronics ( is the leading manufacturer of superior performing specialty products used in electronics and electrical service, repair and manufacturing. Products include dusters, swabs and wipes, precision cleaners, flux removers, desoldering braids, contact cleaners and lubricants, and coatings.


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