IES5528 Phase Control & Triac Triggering IC Released

Hendon Semiconductors has announced the release of the IES5528, phase control and triac triggering integrated circuit to replace the OM5428. As with the OM5428, it is also a suitable replacement for the TCA280B and other similar phase control circuits.

The main feature of the IES5528 is that it provides negative triac gate pulses that avoid the insensitive triac trigger quadrants. This feature significantly decreases the required supply current thus reducing dissipation in the supply resistor.

The external configurability of the IES5528 also makes it suitable for a wide variety of mains power control applications. For example, the IES5528 can be used as a soft start motor controller to eliminate the effect of high starting torque, synchronous On/Off switching and time proportional temperature control. Various application diagrams are available from the datasheet.

In general, the IES5528 provides a cost effective power and speed control solution for various kitchen and home applications including light dimmers and home heating and cooling.

The IES5528 is available in SO-16 RoHS compliant package. Production quantities and engineering samples are now available.


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