Honeywell Sulf-N 26 is A Safer Fertilizer

Honeywell has developed Sulf-N® 26, an effective fertilizer to feed a sharply growing global population without the risks associated with nitrate-based fertilizers. The ammonium sulfate nitrate fertilizer offers the best of all worlds. It is safer to handle, transport and store, and it is more difficult to alter, making it impractical to use as an explosive agent.

Nitrogen fertilizers are critical for the agricultural industry to deliver the food that the world needs, a dependency that will only increase with a growing population. Unfortunately, traditional nitrate-based fertilizers like Ammonium Nitrate (AN) or calcium ammonium nitrate can be misused as crude-but-deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and can be unsafe to handle, transport and store.  To combat these safety and security threats, world governments have begun to introduce regulations concerning nitrate-based fertilizers. But, a replacement must be identified to meet the world’s growing need for food.


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