Honeywell Providing Maintenance, Repair, Upgrades and Inventory Management for Marines at Blount Island

Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, FL is responsible for the Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Force program where the Marine Corps resupplies its 14 ships before they are strategically deployed around the world.  Six hundred Honeywell employees located there are helping to maintain, repair and upgrade all of the equipment and supplies needed to sustain up to 15,000 Marines in theater operations for 30 days from first aid kits to armored personnel carriers and Humvees.    

Backed by the Honeywell Operating System (HOS) to enable the highest levels of reliability and quality, Honeywell provides the management, inventory accountability, service checks, maintenance, repair and upgrades to all equipment and supplies placed aboard the ships, reinforcing the Marine Corps’ ability for rapid deployment if needed.  HOS is a Honeywell enabler based on Six Sigma principles that drives sustainable improvements in our manufacturing operations to generate exceptional performance in safety, quality, delivery, cost and inventory management.

The effort is part of a 10-year contract between Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. (HTSI) and the U.S. Marine Corps for prepositioning and logistics support services , which ensures Marine Corps ships are stocked and available for deployment for military or humanitarian missions. Under the agreement, awarded in 2009 and valued at $700 million if all options are exercised, Honeywell oversees three squadrons consisting of 14 ships.


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