Honeywell Launches Third-Generation Film To Protect Solar Panels

Honeywell has introduced its most durable laminate film to date, designed to protect solar power panels from harsh environments while helping them maintain reliable power output over their 25-year lifespans. The product, PowerShield® 3W, is a cost-effective solar panel backsheet that helps protect the electrical circuits, preventing moisture from entering and keeping electrical charges within the module. These features help the module retain maximum power output while maintaining electrical safety.

The technology behind PowerShield 3W is based on Honeywell’s more than 30 years of experience as the world’s leading manufacturer of high-barrier films for food packaging, industrial and healthcare applications, including packaging that protects drugs sold by the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Honeywell has an active and global research and development program for photovoltaic backsheets, with laboratories in Morris Township, NJ, and Shanghai, China.


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