Greenliant Systems Appoints Avnet Electronics Marketing Asia to Distribute NANDrive™, NAND Controller and Specialty Flash Memory Products in China and India

Greenliant Systems, a leader in energy-efficient, solid state storage products, has signed a distribution agreement with Avnet Electronics Marketing Asia, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT). Under the terms of the agreement, Avnet will distribute Greenliant’s NANDrive™ embedded solid state drive (SSD), NAND controller and specialty flash memory products in China and India, as well as through its Asia e-Commerce site,

The partnership with Avnet Electronics Marketing Asia expands Greenliant's footprint in Asia and further fortifies its sales force to support the rising number of OEMs and ODMs in the greater China and India markets.

Small form factor NAND flash-based modules are becoming the storage device of choice for electronic systems, replacing bulky and unreliable mechanical hard disk drives. Greenliant’s NANDrive product line consists of high-performance, fully integrated SSDs that are well suited for embedded storage in automotive, industrial, medical, wireless and networking applications. Offered in a small, space-saving ball grid array (BGA) package, NANDrive is available in one-bit-per-cell or two-bits-per-cell NAND configuration with industry-standard PATA and SATA interfaces. Capacities range from 512 MByte to 64 GByte, and support industrial temperatures.

Greenliant’s high-performance NAND flash memory controllers provide high reliability, increased data integrity, powerful error correction capability, power interrupt data protection and prolonged product life for data storage systems.

Greenliant's specialty flash memory product offering consists of parallel flash with densities ranging from 512 Kbit to 32 Mbit. The Concurrent SuperFlash™ (CSF™), Many-Time Programmable and Small-Sector Flash™ (SSF™) products offer high performance, superior reliability, low power consumption and small sector size.


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